Why Solid Surface?

  • Solid Surface is the most hygenic product for kitchen application. It is 100% solid and nonporous, so germs and fluids cannot penetrate the material unlike in granite or marble countertops. It is therefore ideal for your kitchen as well as for the food service industry, Corian® has the highest government rating for food handling and preparation NSF 51
  • Very easy to maintain. It never needs to be sealed.
  • Inconspicuous seams: a properly done seam in the shop or in the field is virtually invisible.
  • Solid Surface (Corian®) is 100% UV stable, which means your kitchen looks the same inside or outside your house…
  • Color diversity: from solid to contemporary colors, from granite patterns or quartz look, from pop colors to translucent colors and glow-in-the dark, there is a color for every application you imagine for your project.
  • Inlays: you can easily personalize your countertop with custom inlays or special edge buildups and treatments.
  • GREEN: Corian® and other manufacturers offer a palette of GREEN certified colors which are made of pre consumer materials.

Beverin Solid Surface, Inc. prefers  for the outstanding quality, warranty coverage and dealer support.
We are also certified to fabricate Solid Surface from the following manufacturers to fullfill any specific customer specification.


Beverin Solid Surface, Inc. fabricates strict to the manufacturers specifications and guidelines to give you full manufacturer warranty coverage. Please visit the product manufacturers websites by clicking on the company’s logo above to get full warranty information.
All Corian® Countertops fabricated thru Beverin Solid Surface, Inc. are registered with DuPont.

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